4 Ways to Start World War 3 in Your Hometown

Greatness requires war. If you want to shine be prepared for arrows coming your way.

You’re not here to make peace and settle into conquered mediocrity. You came here to win big and look good doing it.

Being a Champion requires you to walk on one path – a warpath that will turn all the haters into spiritual chalk outlines when they get in your way.

Being a Champion requires war because the minor leaguers won’t let you be happy without a fight.

To paraphrase Bon Scott, if they want blood, they’ve got it!


6 Ways to Rule Your Life like a God

Friedrich Nietzsche declared….

“God is dead.”

I don’t buy that. You’re alive and well. You’ve just been taking a short vacation from Mount Olympus, but now you’re back to rule from on high all over again.

There are Gods and there are life’s losers. You are a God and everyone not reading this blog is a loser whose ass you will kick in due time.


How to Get Promoted and Make Big Money in Corporate America

There’s a lot of money to be made out there, but it takes more than hard work. It takes pure tactics especially when you’re looking to kill it in life by making a big fat paycheck from the corporate world.How to Get Promoted and Make Big Money in Corporate America
Aside from being the boss’ son, there’s a very clear strategy to moving up and making God-level money. So let’s talk exactly how you can add commas to your salary and climb the ladder without killing yourself to live.

Bret Hart on How to Be Successful


“The best chance you have, if you want to rise to the top, is to give yourself up to loneliness. Fear nothing and work hard.

One thing you’ll discover is that life is based less… on what you’ve learned and much more… on what you had inside yourself from the beginning.”

My Interpretation:

Leave the Anchor People behind.

Anchor People are the people who doubt you, slow you down with their drama, or don’t contribute at all to your foward momentum.

Their limited vision and conflicting priorities will weigh you down as you climb to the top.

With the exception of your wife, don’t expect anyone to share your vision of the future. You are a King waiting to be crowned while most people are slaves standing in line for more chains.

How to Live with Passion that Kicks Ass

We live in the world of the living dead.

A zombie population that is sad, empty, and aimlessly going from home to work and then back to nothing at all that lights them up inside.

Having a working brain and beating heart doesn’t mean you’re alive. You need much more than that.

Sure, the brain and the heart will help anyone do what’s required with them. Namely, spinning in the slave-cycle of making a paycheck just so you can the pay the bills.

To truly be ALIVE you need a way to feel the electricity in your bones; a supernova rush of adrenaline going through your veins…


The question is, how do you live everyday with passion that kicks ass?

How to Be Interesting and Exciting to Women

“You’ve never had a boring day in your life!”

Now that was one of the hottest things a girl has ever said to me. It was very telling too. Here I am in a poorly lit, shoe box-sized bar listening to a 8.5 Faux-do-me-dirty-blonde hairstylist from Queens tell me how exciting my life is.


Out of thin air, I created and BECAME an identity that turned a poor kid from Brooklyn into a “high Value,” fascinating as Hell MAN turning on a racktastic babe who could get any RICH MUSCLED UP guy from Long Island. I’ll show you how I did it in a few quick simple steps:

My Morning Ritual for Energy, Success and Happiness

The purpose of every day is to live with absolute atomic energy. It’s a purposeful energy that will magnetically attract overwhelming happiness and success in your direction for a lifetime.

A day lived with an Evel Knievel balls-out positive and confident approach to the daily jump will get you the woman, the family, the lifestyle, and the career you have always dream of but weren’t quite sure how to get.

The Journey to Greatness Starts with a Single Morning.

If you want that energy that gets you babes, bucks, and lifestyle brilliance you have to get your morning tight.

I’m fucking happier than a pig in shit because my morning game is tight. My day can’t be sabotaged by the lifestyle losers who inhabit the armpits of Earth.

My zen is bullet proof because I put the time in every morning to build and rebuild that bullet proof vest. Here’s how I do it: