How to Cure Depression Naturally – Ditch the Pills and Therapist

Depression is the new “Get Out of Jail Free” card from Monopoly. If life sucks and you’re too lazy to do anything about it just get a bottle of pills, crawl in the fetal position, play some EMO music and call it a day.

Yes, the world is against you – that was the only way to make it a fair fight!

When you break it down, depression for the GRAND MAJORITY of the population is a medical misdiagnosis by medical “professionals” looking to make enough money to buy another vacation home in the Hamptons.



Depression used to be the registered trademark of poets and men of legend. Back when bad asses like Churchill and Ralph Waldo Emerson did depression, it was called brooding.

Brooding is a natural feeling and, when done right, the prelude to a POSITIVE OUTBURST of creativity and action that forges a fantastic destiny.

You have that positive outburst inside of you to get out of your pain and make it RAIN GOLD.

But you gotta know what you’re dealing with. You’re not depressed.

The sadness you feel right now is INERTIA.

People are usually depressed for one or a combo of in general reasons:

Shit location
Shit Family
Shit Job
Shit Sex Life
Shitty Traumatic Experience in the Past

It All Breaks Down to a LACK OF MOMENTUM. The Feeling of Going Nowhere fast.

You’re stuck in shit and you can’t get out. A natural human response is to wallow in the shit because it’s the path of least resistance.

The problem with wallowing in your shit is this – it will NEVER silence the sounds of your soul trying to escape this bullshit reality that doesn’t belong to you.

You Deserve Better! Your Soul Knows It and That’s Why You’re “Depressed!”

Deep down in your guts you know you deserve better and that’s the feeling gnawing at you right now.

The solution to inertia is a rarely tried, but certifiably proven lifestyle hack:

Fake it til you make it.

As Newton said, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Same holds true for you – a positive identity defined daily is an identity that sticks around forever.

If you define your identity as a man who takes charge, is always happy, and relentlessly chases opportunity, guess what’ll happen? You’ll be out of the shit and into the paradise that always belonged to you!

So you have a choice. You can wallow in “woes is me” bullshit or… you can change reality to FIT where you should be long before you ever get there.

If you want to be the King you have to act like a King long before you get the crown.


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