Work Life Balance Explained: Screw Your Career! Family Comes First!

When I die, I can safely say that I’ll have an open casket funeral. Can’t say the same for the workaholics out there. These guys are the closed casket crowd who would rather work 90 hours a week; sacrificing their marriage, family, and health for a few more shekels and a pat on the back from someone supplying the shekels.

In America, the gateway drug ain’t Marijuana.

It’s something the suit and tie dealers call a career.

A career is the original gateway drug because after focusing on it to the detriment of everyone and everything, you’ll be reaching for the pills, pot and coke to medicate the damage.

The greatest damage of all, of course, is losing your marriage and your family.

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Whether it’s a salaried gig at the local Fortune 7,000 or an entrepreneurial gig, it’s still a career. If not done in moderation, this portion of your lifestyle will quickly turn into a deathstyle.

In America, we’re brainwashed into thinking a career is a personality

We’re constantly indoctrinated into thinking that if you’re not a CEO, making 100K or running your own business – you SUCK!  With this mentality tearing through America like a runaway train blasting Motörhead, it’s no wonder why most Americans don’t even take 2 week’s vacation and work 80 hours a week.

Look, Professional Purpose is an essential part of life.

It is one of the 5 Victories of World Champion Lifestyle – but it is not your entire life.

What happens when you put your career over everything else?

You lose your wife for one. Women are like plants – they need constant care and watering. You can’t get her wet if you’re working nights yet again and then coming home like a zombie.

Oh and the neglect you’re dishing out to your kids won’t be forgotten either.

Kids are just like a kitchen sponge. They absorb all the crap you put them through.

It’ll be revisited when Tommy wants to become Tina and little Sally wants to tattoo a map of the NYC Subway system on her back. Don’t worry, though, her new boyfriend Raul is a tattoo artist and he’ll do the whole thing for 37% off – once he gets out of prison in 3 months.

There’s no difference between the average CEO and the local Drug Dealer. They’re both trying to convice you that getting hooked is a great thing!


What got me thinking about work-life balance was a convo I had with a wealthy CEO a few years ago. To paint a picture, he’s your typical  suited-up, perfectly quaffed corporate schmoozer whose personality is his title. He doesn’t have a lifestyle beyond his job which he pretty much confirmed that to me when he tried to give me some career advice:

“Charlie, work is the most important thing in the world. Making money should be the primary focus of your youth. Take every opportunity to go out on business lunches, dinners, and breakfasts too. Your wife and kids can wait. They’ll be there to enjoy when you retire.”

Yeah, sounds like a great plan! Put your wife and kids on layaway just like a Vizio TV at K-Mart.

Except the plan doesn’t really work when you’re either served with divorce papers or drop dead over a pile of paperwork choking on Mylanta while simultaneously having a heart attack.

When push comes to shove, making money needs to take a back seat (you know, one of the awkward seats at the very back of the NYC bus) to keeping your woman gaga over you. Your woman is number one with a bullet. Your kids are right behind her on the priorities list. The career doesn’t even compare in importance because, without them, what are you working for?

There are 5 Victories in life. Love, Family, and Professional Purpose are three of them. The magic is balance. Professional Purpose should never prevent you from winning everything else.

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