Motivation Monday: There are No Mistakes or Failures

When given an opportunity, the last thing you should ever say is “what if I mess up?”

If you do say that, guess what? You just messed up!

In many ways, life is a lot like a cartoon. So to illustrate the folly of the “what if I mess up” sentiment, let’s pull an example from the old Road Runner cartoons.


In the old Road Runner cartoons, Wile E Coyote would attempt to chase down and capture the Road Runner. Invariably, the Road Runner would trick the Coyote into running off a cliff. No worries though, the Coyote through sheer will and confidence was able to run on air… that is until he doubted his position and looked down. After that, it was all splat.

The lesson? Don’t look down! Don’t Coyote your opportunities by questioning your ability to defy gravity.

There is only one gravity for World Champions – UP!

Don’t half-heartedly predict your failure by wondering if you will actually fail.

Mistakes and Failures don’t exist for men who are real champions. They’re simply BUILDING BLOCKS to the success ahead.

Rome wasn’t built in a day because anything that’s great requires energy, enthusiasm, hard work, and persistence. In a word, time, Time is a story of all the stuff that happened between the start and the finish. Every story has a time in which there were setbacks, but great men never allow the setbacks to hold them back.

The principle parading throughout this journey we call life is this: there are no mistakes or failures, just really stylish interludes between successes. So long as you look good doing it who the hell cares?

It’s the Sunglasses Principle:

Even below-average Taylor Swift looks good without makeup when she’s wearing sunglasses


Therefore, so long as you bring the style to any presentation, no one will notice the setback. They’ll just be staring at your sexy ass in awe!

Mistakes and failures are really the mileage that make up the really good stories that winners tell when they talk about how they made it to the top.

When you have a challenge, task, or goal what you need to do is just GO FOR IT!

Prepare for the challenge because you should, but prepare with the positive belief that you have the tools to accomplish ANYTHING.

While everyone else is worrying about “what could happen” you’ll be wondering how much ice you’ll need to buy for the celebration party after you win!


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