My Morning Ritual for Energy, Success and Happiness

The purpose of every day is to live with absolute atomic energy. It’s a purposeful energy that will magnetically attract overwhelming happiness and success in your direction for a lifetime.

A day lived with an Evel Knievel balls-out positive and confident approach to the daily jump will get you the woman, the family, the lifestyle, and the career you have always dream of but weren’t quite sure how to get.

The Journey to Greatness Starts with a Single Morning.

If you want that energy that gets you babes, bucks, and lifestyle brilliance you have to get your morning tight.

I’m fucking happier than a pig in shit because my morning game is tight. My day can’t be sabotaged by the lifestyle losers who inhabit the armpits of Earth.

My zen is bullet proof because I put the time in every morning to build and rebuild that bullet proof vest. Here’s how I do it:




I live 10 lives before the nearest neighbor has cleared the drool off his face at 6:30 am.

I don’t wait for dawn to get my day started. I wake up the rooster at 4:30 am and start living!

Now let’s be clear: I GET UP!

I don’t stumble up. I don’t put the alarm on snooze 5 times before my feet hit the ground running. I am WAY UP and I made a statement that starts the momentum that will last an entire day:

Let’s Do This NOW!

Hyper unstoppable atomic energy that powers cities for years is first generated by your words and thoughts. Words preceded works and no work of art ever started with “I don’t want to get up!” “I don’t want to go to work!” “I hate this crap!”

Even if you do hate your job, house, or present circumstance; get the hell up and say “Let’s do this NOW because I’ll be doing something ten times better before I’m done!” When saying this, try picturing a brunette with more curves than Hana Highway in Hawaii. It’s quite the motivator!

No matter how lame the actual schedule ahead is, remember – you have a plan. That plan is to craft a life that eventually turns that itinerary into dust.

After I deliver my opening line, I move on to my Statements of Greatness

What are Your Statements of Greatness?


What I do may sound like affirmations, but affirmations as a word sounds as weak as a NYC hipster drinking almond milk on the L Train.

What I do is hyper meditate on 5 to 10 Statements of Greatness that reaffirm that I am the Master Blaster World Champion of this Universe and the one next door!

You need to remind yourself on a daily basis that you are the greatest thing that ever happened to this rock. More than likely you’re the cure for every major disease and the future father of a super model’s offspring. Pregnancy tests are pending, of course, but you know how it flows when you are hot, determined, and ready to steamroll the world!

Now that we’ve powered the mind, it’s time to fuel the body.

Don’t Eat Like a Science Project

If you want to keep the undertaker on speed dial keep eating a Sausage McMuffin a day from the GMO pimps at McDonalds.


Your body is not the Manhattan Project!!

Stop shoving the menu equivalent of the Atomic Bomb down your throat every morning.

Nothing will defeat the purpose of a victorious day more than poisoning your body with WMDs masquerading as food. Yes, Saddam was hiding his WMDs in McDonalds!

When food doesn’t expire, is it really something you should be eating?

A terrible breakfast choice will defeat you. It will destroy your drive for most if not the entire day. You got the words right, now you need to commingle the words coming out of your mouth with the right food going inside of it.

Eat Organic and Eat With Purpose

Yes, there are organic pancakes. They taste amazing, but they’re not going to fulfill the purpose of getting you energized. Here are just three breakfast ideas that can give your body the energy it needs to kick ass:

Egg and Spinach Omelet

Throw together two eggs and some spinach to skyjack the day with protein that will super power you.

Add basil and black pepper. Basil is known for cleaning your body out and enhancing your mood. Meanwhile, black pepper works to deliver the protein and basil benefits throughout your entire body.

Plus, its low cal and tastes amazing. You really can’t lose here.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

Protein brings the power and Greek Yogurt has a lot of it. Let’s add more to the Plato party with bananas, strawberries and blueberries mixed in.

The bananas are hyped with energy producing potassium.

Fiber is a key energy producer and strawberries bring that in spades.

Blueberries join the mix because they are known to boost your memory. Hey, you’re going to accomplish so much today that your going to need help remembering it all!

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Done right, a peanut butter sandwich can get the jetpacks blasting.

How do you do it right? Swap the white break for organic whole wheat bread (why is High Fructose Corn Syrup in bread?!).

Peanut butter is packed with potassium, but why end the potassium power there? Let’s up the ante even more by adding sliced bananas for a morning dessert er uh I mean breakfast that will make people fear your power!

Okay, We’ve Got the Philosophy and We Got the Power, but What’s the Plan?!

Remember, there are FIVE VICTORIES we need to accomplish before we depart the rock and meet God for the ultimate after-party.

Regardless of the crap job and other garbage that’s going on right now, we have the positivity and energy to change that either incrementally or suddenly depending on the adversity.

You just need to have a plan to move closer to the goal.

What I do is write down 5 key things I’m going to do to move the ball forward toward the big picture ideas I need to accomplish.

Life in many ways is like the NFL. You move yard by yard while a team of monsters try to crush you.

No worries, stay focused. Plan out what you can do today to get closer to your goals and victories. When you do that, you will score the ultimate touchdowns in life.

The question is, do you have your celebration dance down?



Everyone’s Life is a Nightmare, But You are About to Live the Dream Today!

You’re all set to make it all happen today. Energy is good eating, a boat load of positivity, and pure confidence that you are what makes the world go round.

You have the exact fuel you need for the adventure ahead. What the adventure, you ask? The day you’re living right now! Every day counts and there are no do overs.

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