How to Be Interesting and Exciting to Women

“You’ve never had a boring day in your life!”

Now that was one of the hottest things a girl has ever said to me. It was very telling too. Here I am in a poorly lit, shoe box-sized bar listening to a 8.5 Faux-do-me-dirty-blonde hairstylist from Queens tell me how exciting my life is.


Out of thin air, I created and BECAME an identity that turned a poor kid from Brooklyn into a “high Value,” fascinating as Hell MAN turning on a racktastic babe who could get any RICH MUSCLED UP guy from Long Island. I’ll show you how I did it in a few quick simple steps:

Be The FANTASY You Want to Be



I always wanted to be a cross between the song Unchained by Van Halen and James Bond. Enthusiastic larceny meets Saville Row sexiness. So I bought a navy blue suit and decided to live the lyrics with pure passion, positivity, and persistence.

You said
I cannot get there from here, baby
And I don’t care where I’m goin’
Here’s to your thin red line
I’m stepping over
Thought you’d never miss me
‘Til I got a Fat City address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker!
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress

Unchained by Van Halen

Life is all about Choices

Every second is a decision for or against your happiness. I decided to step over that thin red line and go from being a fat kid in Section 8 housing to marrying a perfect ten in a size 5 dress and living in my very own “Fat City address.

By making a simple choice to become the dream I made my dreams come true. It’s that easy and you can do it right now. When you approach women with that kind of powerful energy, you are guaranteed automatic attraction.


Always Project Happiness

Almost everyone’s life sucks. People out there are frustrated, pissed off, or just bored to death. What do you add to the sexual economy by being just another dude who’s pissed off or sad?

Attraction by its very word means something different that pulls. Happiness is the great attractor. Everyone wants to be with the happiest man in the room because they want your vibe, they want your mojo, and they definitely want to be you.

Women want to meet a man who is going to break them from the reality of the loser boss and the drama at home. A dark cloud never grew a damn thing. So be a big bright sun instead and grow a garden of hotties, friends, and contacts who can enrich your life. You do it by always being happy.


Always Be EXCITED to be Doing What You’re Doing Right Now!

Voltaire said, “paradise is where I am.” That is sheer power to make any moment mean something and make it the best time ever.

Stop the bitching and complaining and start being the guy who isn’t phased by the boredom. Make every moment, large or small, the best moment ever and you will get EVERY woman joining you for the party… and the after-party!

Too many people bring negativity to the table by downplaying their activities or crapping all over it by whining about how much is sucks! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BAD MOOD! Women don’t want to hear it so why say it?!

Women are looking for a good time – excitement in stark contrast to the 9 to 5 boredom. Enjoying yourself at all times is an intoxicating concept that makes you the most exciting and dangerous man on the planet. You immediately become a bad ass in her eyes without doing much at all!


CODA: Women are Attracted to Energy

People from all around the world come to New York City because of the energy!

NYC has rats in the subway and stank garbage on every corner. Yet, people totally accept the warts and all because the electricity of every New York minute is too thrilling to miss out on.

Despite all of your drawbacks, you too can enjoy the NYC advantage. You can be that exciting to women just by being a regular dude with a smile, style, and a passion for being alive!

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