How to Live with Passion that Kicks Ass

We live in the world of the living dead.

A zombie population that is sad, empty, and aimlessly going from home to work and then back to nothing at all that lights them up inside.

Having a working brain and beating heart doesn’t mean you’re alive. You need much more than that.

Sure, the brain and the heart will help anyone do what’s required with them. Namely, spinning in the slave-cycle of making a paycheck just so you can the pay the bills.

To truly be ALIVE you need a way to feel the electricity in your bones; a supernova rush of adrenaline going through your veins…


The question is, how do you live everyday with passion that kicks ass?



If you want to live with passion, you have to live on the edge of a blade.

You have to live in vigorous opposition to the Powers That Be – the controllers in your community, job, or elsewhere who want to choke you in chains.

You have to be willing to be like the rebellious slaves who stood up to the Roman Empire.

The slaves fought valiently and kicked Roman butt throughout Italy. When the slaves were finally down and out, they could’ve sold out their leader Spartacus in return for leniency.

But where’s the passion in that?!

Instead they refused the Roman demand to give up Spartacus to the executioners. Defiantly, each one of them rose up claim:

“I’m Spartacus!”

Standing up to the Romans had major consequences. It meant that there was no way back…

Life or death – that’s it!

That kind of zero option game is exactly what you need to live a life of unrelenting passion.

When you have nowhere to go but all the way, that’s when you’ll have the passion to WIN IT ALL!



I wake up at 4:30 every morning. A minute later is a failure.

People ask, “why do you get up so early?!”


Sleep is for coma patients, welfare recipients, and the dead.

If you’re serious about living like a World Champion, you need to get out of that bed and get going with your day.

Passion is the original cause of insomnia. David Lee Roth once said,

“big dreamers never sleep.”

If you have big dreams, what are you doing wasting precious time lying in a worthless bed?

If you’re wondering how the hell you’ll have to energy to make it through the day waking up at 4:30 am – I’ve got the morning ritual for pure energy right here.

Star Wars-lifestyle


Winners DO. Losers TRY.

People who “try” are people without any passion or guts to win big in life. The word “try” is their weasel word way of saying “I have the right to fail because I have no belief in myself.”

These are the people who “try” to lose weight… but are still 300 pounds. Here they are in Barnes & Noble again searching for the 11th time for the diet that’ll finally work.

Living with passion means cutting off any possibility of not meeting your goals

BURN THE BRIDGES BEHIND YOU. There is nothing worth going back to.

You want to marry the supermodel next door and have 3 kids? DO IT by getting out to the cafes and seducing supermodels.

You want to be a big time blogger making sick income? DO IT by blogging your brains out.

When you DO IT, you live for your goals like its life or death. That’s the only way to hunt destiny.



I have no time for the depression gimmick that some people play.

People who cry depression are USUALLY directionless people who gave up on their dreams. They couldn’t rise to the challenge.

Stop crying about how unfair life is. Start making it unfair for others by winning BIG!

Whoever said life was fair? Wallowing in tears and increasing the profitability of Kleenex is not living a passionate life. It’s a pathetic life devoid of momentum.

You need to stop focusing on the past, the setbacks, and the nasty people who called you names

Start focusing on what’s happening right now… YOU!

You are what’s happening and the only thing worth watching as you climb to the top fueled by PASSION!


A Life without Passion is a Life Not Worth Living

I don’t want to die.

I want to live until I’m a Billion and One. Just find a cake with the candle space and I’ll be there for that birthday party!

The only way to stay alive that long is to live every day knowing that this gift called life, the dreams we have, and the challenges that get in the way are an atomic BLAST worth experiencing to the fullest!

A passionate life is the best thing ever because life wouldn’t be interesting without a journey, a battle, and, ultimately, the triumphant victory!

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