Bret Hart on How to Be Successful


“The best chance you have, if you want to rise to the top, is to give yourself up to loneliness. Fear nothing and work hard.

One thing you’ll discover is that life is based less… on what you’ve learned and much more… on what you had inside yourself from the beginning.”

My Interpretation:

Leave the Anchor People behind.

Anchor People are the people who doubt you, slow you down with their drama, or don’t contribute at all to your foward momentum.

Their limited vision and conflicting priorities will weigh you down as you climb to the top.

With the exception of your wife, don’t expect anyone to share your vision of the future. You are a King waiting to be crowned while most people are slaves standing in line for more chains.

Most people are going absolutely nowhere. If you wait for an army to win life’s war you’ll be waiting in the same exact spot 50 years from now.

Stop wasting your time waiting for others to join you. If you want it all, you have to go on your own!

Listen to Your Gut

Learning is important. Its the greatest form of legalized theft. The knowledge we can steal from Socrates, Aristotle, Emerson, etc. will get you far… but it won’t take you all the way.

These thinkers are not the end all be all. The most important philosopher has to be you! We have the inner megaphone inside us all that can tell us exactly where we need to go without any reference to a guy in a toga or an overpaid professor in a community college.

Destiny is that megaphone built into your DNA calling for you to make the right life decisions. Its innate and something everyone starts their lives with.

Destiny communicates to us through that inner voice, our gut, to make the right decisions at decisive moments.

If you want to live your dreams. Stop doubting yourself. Stop listening to the doubts of Anchor People. Go with what your guts says because its your soul crying out for destiny.

What Should You Do With This Advice?

Enact a zero-tolerance policy for depressing and drama-addled Anchor People. No point in keeping people around who bring you down and distract you from greatness.

STOP QUESTIONING YOURSELF and start going with your gut.

Screw fear. Start brazenly going for what your instincts tell you without any respect for the lame hesitation that tries to hold you back.

Focus obsessively on the 5 Victories. Do the work each day to make each one of them happen for unmitigated success.

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