Motivation Monday: There are No Mistakes or Failures

When given an opportunity, the last thing you should ever say is “what if I mess up?”

If you do say that, guess what? You just messed up!

In many ways, life is a lot like a cartoon. So to illustrate the folly of the “what if I mess up” sentiment, let’s pull an example from the old Road Runner cartoons.


Work Life Balance Explained: Screw Your Career! Family Comes First!

When I die, I can safely say that I’ll have an open casket funeral. Can’t say the same for the workaholics out there. These guys are the closed casket crowd who would rather work 90 hours a week; sacrificing their marriage, family, and health for a few more shekels and a pat on the back from someone supplying the shekels.

In America, the gateway drug ain’t Marijuana.

It’s something the suit and tie dealers call a career.

A career is the original gateway drug because after focusing on it to the detriment of everyone and everything, you’ll be reaching for the pills, pot and coke to medicate the damage.

The greatest damage of all, of course, is losing your marriage and your family.

How to Cure Depression Naturally – Ditch the Pills and Therapist

Depression is the new “Get Out of Jail Free” card from Monopoly. If life sucks and you’re too lazy to do anything about it just get a bottle of pills, crawl in the fetal position, play some EMO music and call it a day.

Yes, the world is against you – that was the only way to make it a fair fight!

When you break it down, depression for the GRAND MAJORITY of the population is a medical misdiagnosis by medical “professionals” looking to make enough money to buy another vacation home in the Hamptons.

The Truth About “Toxic” Masculinity

Ever notice that really rich women with short hair cuts and really rich men with small cold cuts have such a hard on for “toxic masculinity?”

Apparently, being a man who doesn’t take crap, seduces women on command, raises a family, busts his ass at work, and maybe fights a war or two either on the streets of New York or in the deserts of the Mid East is an evil bully rapist.

The Only Thing Toxic about Masculinity is the Fact That It’s in Short Supply

Corinne Olympios’ Boyfriend is a Cuck – Anatomy of a Failed Shit Test

When you let your girl go to a club chances are she’s going to cheat on you. It’s pure law of the jungle at work. Women don’t respect men who allow other men to gain access to her.

So it shouldn’t be a shock when the same rule and result applies at hyper speed when you’re a douche… I mean dude who allows his girlfriend to fame-whore on a dating reality show.

The Real Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cheat on Your Wife

If “imitation is suicide,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, then cheating on your wife must be low grade necrophilia.

Cheating is meglomania on display. It is the use of your confident Champion’s Identity to throw it all away for a useless victory that ends up nuking everything you created with the woman you promised a reality to.

How to Live the Good Life: The 5 Victories

Life purpose for a man is winning 5 times in 5 key areas of life. Nothing more nothing less. Everything else is bonus points or meaningless bullshit.

The logo for World Champion Lifestyle features 5 Stars and a bitchin’ lion with a lightning bolt. The lion and the lightning are there for bad ass artistic expression. The King of the Jungle and the Power of Zeus brought together in one Photoshop session!

The 5 Stars, on the other hand, are something far more serious. These 5 stars represent what ever man needs to do in order to live a good life – a life worth living.

There are 5 Victories that make up our collective destinies as men. It’s the only route to greatness.

Screw the overpriced info products. You don’t need to drop $5,000 on a shitty seminar to guarantee your way to the good life.

The good life is all about ambition and getting back to the BASICS OF MANHOOD. The stuff men were expected to do before the 1960s took a dump on manhood and forgot to flush

You want to be a CHAMPION and live an awesome life that’ll make the competition melt in their shoes? All you gotta do is win 5 times: